• Biggest Loser

    Don't miss out on my first ever Biggest Loser Challenge!  I am beyond excited to get this group started.  We officially begin on Monday, September 29th.  There will be prizes and giveaways for the best about motivation!  Find me on Facebook or send me an email for questions:

  • Team Push It Group for Site

    Do you need some motivation when it comes to working out? What about advice and tips that can help you reach your own goals? Or maybe you have it down and you love sharing with others what has worked for you.  Join my fitness group on Facebook. It's free, it's fun, and I know it's what helped me reach my own fitness goals! Just click on the picture, send me a friend request and I will add you today!

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    I learned so much about how and when to eat in just 21 Days. As a mom of 2, I am so busy planning and prepping everyone else's meals and I tend to put myself last. I never ate so much until I started the 21 Day Fix. I now know what a portion of pasta really looks like! My results were incredible. 4 months post baby #2 and I was at pre-pregnancy weight. Now at 10 months, I am the lightest I have been since high school.  I am in better shape and healthier than I have ever been!