Just Keep Swimming

The other day my husband showed me a video of a baby who was floating in a swimming pool by himself.  As a graduate of the ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) program, this baby was taught how to “roll to float” in case he ever decided to take the plunge himself.

With pools in almost every backyard, living in Florida can be pretty scary. I haven’t heard much about the program but as I watched the videos, I found myself holding my breath for as long as I could!  Any mommies out there have ISR graduates?

Elf on the Shelf Gone Wild

So the other day, I came across a post on FB about 101 Elf on the Shelf Ideas.  A lot of my friends and family talk about this guy and I imagine that when our baby is older, we may give it a whirl.  (Although, I personally think it would have creeped me out as a child!)  I was under the impression that you just have to move him from shelf to shelf during the holidays.  I guess I should start preparing now for some creative ways to keep the little lady interested….HA!