Facebook Fitness Group

If you are a mom or mom-to-be and you are looking for some motivation when it comes to working out, then you should join my Facebook Fitness Group, Land of Moms Fitness Corner.  We are a group of moms with babies, toddlers, kiddies, and even babies on the way.  We provide each other with help and support and share our goals for a healthy body and mind.

I only have one request–and that is that we become FB friends first.  Why?  The group has already been hit by a couple of spammers.  So, in order to be in the group you either have to be my friend or a friend of a member.

Find me on FB and send me a friend request or a message.  No strings attached.  If you find that the group is not for you, then all you have to do is click a button to leave.  No hard feelings, I promise.

Click HERE to friend me/send a message or click HERE to ask to join the group and I will friend you first 🙂

Chalene Johnson’s 30-Day Push

I signed up in late December for Chalene Johnson’s 30-Day Push.  I am really excited about this.  In the last week, I have set my “push” goal for the year along with about 10 other goals that I want to reach.  I don’t want to give too much away.  Since I am already having success with her FREE program, I think it would be best if you signed up for yourself.  You can sign up at anytime.  You will receive your first video and “assignment” on the first of the month.

I am a really organized person but since having a baby (who is now a toddler that likes to see and experience the world–and by world I mean Target, Publix, the Green Market, libraries, and playgrounds) I have put too many things on the back burner.  It has only been a few days but my daily to-do list is finally getting DONE.  I am more productive and have more free-ish time.  (Who really has free time when they are a stay-at-home mom?)  I feel inspired and motivated and I am getting ready to make big things happen in 2013.

10 minutes.  That is all it takes to get organized and focused.  Sign up today…you won’t regret it!