Music Together

My daughter and I are into the fourth week of Tracie’s Music Together and we love it!  Music Together is a program that spans the globe and serves 2000 communities in over 40 countries across the world.  Who knew?  I didn’t.  I actually thought it was a program that was offered in various branches only throughout the US.  It’s pretty cool to think that someone in another country is singing the same exact “Hello Song” that we sing.

As soon as class starts, my daughter sits right in front of the teacher and when the Hello Song begins,  her eyes light up.  She is getting more comfortable with showing off all the moves she has learned through class.  With each song comes movement and the parents are expected to sing and dance because we all know that our kiddies will eventually follow our lead.  At first, I was nervous.  I don’t really sing or dance.  I mean I have been known to bust a move or break out a tune but that is usually at weddings or late night parties where adult beverages are being served.  There are no adult beverages at Music Together.  I feel more comfortable in class than I did on the first day and even though I might look silly as I wiggle around the room, I believe that I am giving my daughter a wonderful opportunity to develop her own love for music, dancing, and singing.

This is our second session of classes.  The first one we took because we wanted to support our friend and Music Together teacher, Kate de Barros.  Her daughter has been surrounded by music since she was born (Kate can sing and play the guitar and Daddy dances–like for real dances) so music is a huge part of their lives.  Anyhow, my point is, even with all of that background, Music Together has still brought rhythm, tune, and more dance into their daughter’s life.

Our Music Together CDs (you get two CDs and a music book when you sign up for the class), have saved our day many, many times.  When a certain little someone is being a grumpster, we just turn on our Music Together playlist and she is soon smiling and dancing around the house.  “Clap Your Hands” is requested in the car every day and DJ Mommy Driver is happy to jam out to any song that keeps the Bub happy for the duration.

We are both excited to be in our second session and can’t wait to learn all of the new songs and dances.  As a stay at home mom, I am always on the mission to find things to do with my little one.  And Music Together is the perfect setting for my daughter to learn, grow, explore music and dance, and even make some new friends along the way.  Check out the Music Together site for more information about the programs, how it all started, and to locate a class near you!