About Me

A Little Background Info…
Hey everyone! My name is Regina Spennacchio. I am married and have a daughter, Sienna, who just turned 3 and a son, Rocco, who is almost 6 months old.  I am originally from Rochester, New York. After college, I followed my parents to South Florida. My boyfriend, now Star Diamond Coach, David Spennacchio, followed me down (along with his family–talk about how lucky I was). A couple years later we were engaged and ready to be married. We were also ready to change the way we looked. We were athletes in college and for the most part, that kept us in shape. Once we graduated, we gained lots of weight because of our poor eating habits and lack of working out.


When My Life Started to Change…
Our close friend, and Beachbody Coach, Joey Petri encouraged us to try a Beachbody program and that’s what we did.  We started our workouts with Tony Horton’s Power 90.  I can’t believe how far the programs have come in such a short time!  We worked out every day and paid attention to what we ate.  By April of 2008, we were ready to walk down the aisle and we were happy with the way we looked.

Becoming A Beachbody Coach…
I first signed up as a Coach in the summer of 2008, to enjoy the discount.  I loved the Beachbody programs and when Shakeology hit the shelves, I was a big fan.  It wasn’t until I completed the INSANITY program in April 2010 that I became passionate about health and fitness and sharing what worked for me.  I lost 10lbs!  I had abs!  I felt more confident and I was ready for the beach.

When It Finally Clicked…
Still, I didn’t fully understand the Beachbody Coach Opportunity until January of this year.  I listened to Jenelle Summers on one of the Monday Coach Calls and she hooked me in.  I played back the call several times and wrote every single detail down.  It finally dawned on me that I had it in me to be a Coach–that I could inspire and motivate others to change their bodies and their lives.  And since Januray, that is what I have set out to do.  I want to share with as many people as I can that it is possible–that you can lose weight and build muscle–that no goal is too big to reach.


I am thankful for so many people who have instilled a passion in me along this journey but I couldn’t have done any of this without my husband.  He believed in me long before I did and because of his hard work and dedication, I have been able to stay home with our daughter.  I know that I can do anything as long as I have him by my side.  I am ready to change lives…are you?


Team Push It Challenge Group

Are you looking for a little extra support when it comes to getting in your workouts?  Do you need some advice about what to eat through the day?  Or maybe you love helping others and like to inspire people to become more healthy and fit.  If so, then the Team Push It Challenge Group is the perfect place to be.  We post about our daily workouts, vent about our frustrations, and brag about our accomplishments.  We are a team of people who have made fitness apart of our lives. Are you ready to make it part of yours?




Stacy LaSalle                                                                             James LaSalle


“My husband and I have been in the Team Push It Challenge Group for over 3 months and it has been an awesome experience for the both of us! Being in this group has helped keep us motivated and stay on track with our workouts. It has also encouraged us to open up and share with others our fitness journey. It’s amazing to see so many people with the same goal of getting fit and healthy come together to support and motivate each other. We appreciate so much what this team has done for us and are proud to be a part of it! “- Stacy LaSalle

Jordan Hall (P90X Results)


 “I am a full-time daddy with 3 kids they are one of the biggest
reasons I have been taking care of myself….My journey to
being fit is not even close to being done.”




AmandaBronson                             Amanda Bronson

 “Even though you dont always drop weight working out you can stilll change so much. I’m not there yet, but im happy and still on my journey.”

~Amanda Bronson
Mommy of 2

Vanilla Shakeology Is Finally Here!

Beachbody figured it out! Vanilla Shakeology is finally here! Why did it take so long? It’s simple–they wanted to keep their standards high. The vanilla that is in so many of the products that we consume is artifical vanilla and it is chemically processed. Here is a video of CEO, Carl Daikeler, explaining why Beachbody wouldn’t settle for less than pure. Check it out here!


Vanilla Shakeology

 Click on the picture above to read the vanilla bean story and

 how Beachbody is helping farmers and children in Madagascar!


I can now switch up between Vanilla and Chocolate and I have even made a swirl shake (2 parts vanilla, 1 part chocolate—so yummy!). I still love mixing it with water, almond milk, and ice.  I don’t blend–mostly because I am not a fan of cleaning the blender aaaand who has time to clean a blender with a 2 year old?  Here are some other recipes to try!

Vanilla Shakeology has 130 calories, 16g of protein, 14g of carbs, 7g of sugar, and 2g of fat. For more nutritional information and the list of ingredients, please download the PDF at bottom of http://www.myshakeology.com/regspennacchio.

There is really nothing else like Shakeology on the market.  If you are interested in giving it a try but are not sure if you will like it, have no worries.  There is a 30 Day “bottom of the bag” guarantee–meaning, you can return the bag EMPTY and receive your money back!


For more info about Shakeology, how to purchase, and other options (including Vegan!), click on the image above:)