As soon as I saw the video for Shaun T’s INSANITY, I knew that it was the program for me.  While I enjoy lifting weights and yoga, I am addicted to face paced, butt kicking workouts, that make me sweat like I have never sweat before.  My husband and I made the 60 day commitment to workout together, every night, after he got home from work.  In those 60 days, I became addicted to everything about INSANITY but most of all, I became hooked on the results.

When all was said and done, I dropped 10lbs and lost inches everywhere.  People noticed too.  That was the exciting part.  It is so hard to look in the mirror every day and notice little changes–like my face thinning out.  But others saw it.  I was walking proof that INSANITY worked.

Don’t get me wrong.   I had my tough days.  Starting with the first Fit Test, where I thought I was going to be sick.  I wondered what was coming for me if the first day was so hard.  Every fit test after that offered improvement.  My numbers went up.  I still felt like I might hurl at the end but the fact that I was doing more kept me going.

I don’t think any workout has ever pushed me more physically AND mentally.  There were many days when I told myself to hang on for just 5 more seconds.  I reminded myself of the body I wanted.  We began the program in February of 2010. We were planning on starting a family that summer.  I wanted to get in the best shape I have ever been in so that I knew what I was capable of.  So many moms have a hard time losing their baby weight and I wanted to have pictures of myself at my best.  I wanted to be able to look back at those pictures in case I ever doubted myself.

I love Shaun T and INSANITY changed my life in many ways.  It gave me more confidence about my own body and it allowed me to reach out to other people and share my success.


Do You Have Time for a Workout?

A few weeks ago, my husband came home from the yearly Beachbody Summit with a very nice present.  Actually TWO very nice presents–Vanilla Shakeology and Shaun T’s newest workout, Focus T25.  I couldn’t have been any more giddy.  It was like Christmas in the summer! We have been waiting for Vanilla Shakeology for years.  We love our Chocolate but we kept asking ourselves when Beachbody was going to “figure it out.”  The issue (and I won’t go into all the crazy details now) is that most vanilla on the market is created from a chemical process.  Many products don’t have vanilla as a flavor in it’s natural state.  They have vanilla flavoring.  Well what about natural flavoring?  After a little research, I found some articles about how natural flavors can be worse off than artifical ones because there is more science involved.  I’m not a scientist though and I am getting away from the point of my story! If you want to see the science behind Vanilla Shakeology and why it is different from anything else out there–check out this video.

I ripped open Vanilla Shakeology and gave it a try.  I didn’t want it blended.  I didn’t want it mixed with anything else but ice and water.  How would I be able to tell what it really tasted like?  Oh. My. Gosh.  It was DELICIOUS!  I love it.  I can’t decide which is my favorite–Vanilla or Chocolate…it doesn’t really matter.  Both are heavenly.

Ok, so then I ripped open T25.  I already had my workout gear on.  I was so psyched to try this program.  Why?  It’s 25 minutes.  That’s it.  No more excuses.  No more pushing pause 20 times to help my 2 year old draw a palm tree on the chalk board (she usually gets bored of me working out around the 30 minute mark!).  No more rushing around in the morning to make it to a 10am storytime.  25 minutes of pure focus.  I push play, get the job done, shower off, and go on with my day.

This is a 10 week program with two phases.  You workout five days a week, 25 minutes a day. Everyone’s got time for that!  So far, I have done Cardio, Total Body, and Speed and Agility.  I have’t touched the Ab Interval workout because I am a little nervous.  Actually, it’s probably more because of the fact that I am 23 weeks pregnant and I want to be able to push myself like I used to but when it comes to ab work, I know that isn’t always possible.  Either way, I am kicking butt every day.  When I need it, I follow the “modifier”–Tania–the chic from INSANITY.  She is there showing you a low impact way to do every single move.  It’s pretty awesome.  You don’t have to worry about what kind of shape you are in.  You don’t have to ask questions like, “Will I be able to do this workout?”.  I am telling you, you can do this.  Hahahaha.  Now, I sound like Shaun T.

Have you seen a video trailer for Focus T25?  If not, check it out HERE.  Comment below if you want more information or you can always find me on FB at  Join me and so many others as we take on the Focus T25 Challenge!!