My Beachbody Transformation

After college, I moved to Florida. I left everything I knew (except for my parents) behind. With my new life, came awful habits. I stopped working out. I started eating out way more than I ever had before.

It wasn’t until I was engaged, that I realized I let myself go. I wanted to look fabulous on my wedding day. I didn’t want to look back in 20 years and not be happy with how my wedding dress fit. So, we started Power 90–the first Beachbody Program. I was impressed with the results that I knew I would try another program.

My eating wasn’t perfect still. And I started to slack off. We fully committed to Insanity in 2010–this time I wanted to get in the best shape before we started a family. I realized I wanted to be in this for LIFE. I wanted to learn how to eat better, fuel my body properly, and fit workouts into my day, every day.

I haven’t looked back since. It’s an addiction! Two babies later, I am in the best shape of my life. Just when I think Beachbody can’t beat the last program released, they do it again.

I am so busy with both my little ones, that the shorter workouts are perfect for me. I know I am setting a perfect example for health and fitness and when my little girl says, “Look Mommy! Look at my moves!” it melts my heart.

YOU should join my next challenge! My dream is to inspire as many people to change their health and fitness and to pay it forward. If you need help with choosing a workout program, finding a nutrition plan that works, or getting motivated to push play, I can help YOU!

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