Can I Drink Shakeology While Pregnant or Nursing

ShakeologyHey everyone!  I wanted to take a minute to share with you about my experience with drinking Shakeology while pregnant and nursing.

First off, let me preface by saying anyone who has concerns or questions about the ingredients in Shakeology should simply bring a packet into their OB or print out the nutrition label and ask for their medical opinion.  Every doctor is different.  Mine was perfectly ok with it.  I still did some research to help answer my own questions and to make me more confident with my decision to drink this amazing, nutritionally dense, super-food packed, shake.

Shakeology helped with my energy levels and even with my cravings while pregnant.   I still can’t believe how tired I was in those very early stages of my pregnancies. And when I was pregnant with my second, I felt even more tired–now I had an older one to take care of–we had playdates, music class, library visits, pool time. I was exhausted and Shakeology was the perfect pick-me-up.

It also helped in the digestion department. I know it isn’t everyone’s favorite topic but when I was pregnant and right after the birth of both babies, my digestive system took a hit. And for all those mommies out there, you know what I mean! So, having Shakeology every day keeps things moving along.

I drink Shakeology for many reasons but mostly because I know it is the best thing I can do for my body. On the days when I can’t seem to stay away from goldfish crackers and leftover PB&Js, I feel a lot less guilty because of how amazing Shakeology is.






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What is Shakeology

IMG_5738Oh man.  Where do I even begin on this one?  Simply put, Shakeology is a nutritionally dense, meal replacement shake.  It is NOT a protein shake.  It is all natural (yeah, I mean absolutely no artificial ingredients or flavors) and it has a pretty awesome superfood blend.  It is packed with pre and pro biotics and it is absolutely yummy.

Shakeology is also clinically proven to help you lose weight, lower cholesterol and lower blood sugar.  I could go on and on about the benefits and how Shakeology helps keep me full and reduces my own crazy cravings–or how it prevented me from needing to go on medication in my early 20’s for high cholesterol.

Here are some sources of info for you to check out on your own:

Shakeology Clinically Proven Video:

Here’s the nutrition label for chocolate Shakeology:


I get this question A LOT! How does Shakeology compare to…..and my answer is–it really doesn’t!  Shakeology is in a league of it’s own.  Here’s the proof:


It even has a Bottom of the Bag Guarantee…


And in case you want to see where Shakeology comes from (my favorite video!):

There isn’t really anything else out there like Shakeology. If you still have questions:





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So Thankful

We have a backyard. To many of you that just seems like a given. Where I grew up (in upstate NY) it WAS a given. I have memories of playing in my backyard–oh wait–we had front and side yards, too!!

So when I moved to Florida it was a bit of a shock. South Florida is beautiful. I found myself staring at palm trees for hours when I first came down. But the houses can be close and the yards can be small.

The cost of living is definitely a jump from what I was used to and it’s crazy to compare here to there–especially when Dave and I bought our first townhome. We loved it. It was perfect for us. But the pricetag made our hearts skip a beat.

Then came Sienna. And we still loved it. Then came all her STUFF. Then came Rocco. And you know what? We still loved our townhome. It was where we made memories…where we started our family.

But we didn’t have a yard.

Dave and I would talk about how we wanted a place to kick around the ball, play catch, blow bubbles, and just chase the kids.

And so we started looking at new homes.

It didn’t take us very long to decide where we wanted to be. We took one look at the backyard and we were certain this home would be a NEW perfect for us.

As I walked around the grass and checked out our baby palm trees, I saw us here. I saw us blowing bubbles and chasing the kids. I saw us having friends over for cookouts. I saw us building a pool (and my outdoor kitchen!) someday.

Our kitchen table overlooks the sliding glass doors. At dinner, I watch as the sun sets and paints the most beautiful colors across the sky.

And I give thanks…to one…to many…because we have a backyard.