It’s Official!

Ok, so maybe it’s been official for a long time.  But to be honest, I was always nervous about posting how official it was.  What am I talking about?  Well, I am confident enough now to announce my official resignation from the Palm Beach County School District.  Those of you who know me, might be like “What?! She hasn’t been teaching for over 3 years!”  And those of you who REALLY know me, will get why it took me so long to share.  A few years ago, when I was pregnant with our first baby, my husband and I knew I wouldn’t want to go back to work–that I wanted to be home for as long as I could to watch the babies grow up.  I wanted to be there for their firsts.  I didn’t want to come home to someone else (even if it was Grandma!) telling me that my daughter said her first word and took her first step.  Gosh, right now my husband yells for me to come see the little guy (our second baby) doing something and I scream while racing across the house, “Wait…WAIT…I’m coming!!!!!!”.

Even though I was a Beachbody Coach when my daughter was born, I wasn’t a very ACTIVE coach.  I didn’t get what it was all about but what I realize now is that I didn’t believe in myself and my ability to be a coach who could one day say “I officially replaced my full time income, working from home, part-time. And now I get to watch all of their firsts!”

I will admit, I hesitated the day I had to go in and sign my resignation papers.  I still had that tiny voice in the back of my head saying “what if you need this job?”  I worried about my dreams coming true.  Would we be able to move into a bigger home?  Would we be able to take family vacations?  If I was staying home, I didn’t want to sacrifice everything.  I wanted to find ways to provide for my family, too.  And being a Beachbody Coach is what allows me to do just that!  So I signed the resignation papers about 18 months after my daughter was born.  I told myself that once I had more confidence in myself and what I could achieve, I would share the news.  And so today, I am sharing the news.

I read posts every day about how moms wish they could be home with their babies.  I see the countdowns of all my teacher friends starting around March–only 100 days left!  I remember the feeling of being excited for summer.  And I truly enjoyed teaching but being home is an opportunity that I will forever be grateful for.  I want to tell the moms out there that there is a way to be home with your little ones.  There is a way to make it happen.  And it is absolutely worth it!

My dream is to help as many moms as I can.  So if you are ready to hear more about the coaching opportunity…if you are ready to stop wishing for something better, then fill out the coach application below and get ready to live the life you love!



Resignation Letter PBCSD

Diamond Cert Reg

It’s A Coco Loco Kind of Summer

Just the other day I was reminiscing about our delayed honeymoon to Punta Cana.  Despite living in South Florida, I didn’t want anything other than sandy beaches, great music, a beautiful resort, and some delicious treats!  Dave and I got married in the spring of 2008.  In the fall of 2007, we bought our first house and were in the middle of planning the Big Day.  One day Dave came home from work really early.  He had lost his job.  He worked for a larger home building company and they couldn’t keep up with the falling housing market.  So we decided that we would put our honeymoon on hold until we could fully enjoy it.  We didn’t know it would be 2 years before we got our acts together and planned our trip.

We loved everything about Punta Cana.  We stayed at the Excellence.  It was a beautiful resort with such welcoming and helpful staff.  We lounged by the pool all day, went to barbecues at night, and watched shows in the evening.  We made friends and had a blast.  One of the things we always talk about are the drinks we had there.  My favorite was the Coco Loco–it was so refreshing and I loved that it was served in cute little coconuts or pineapples.  I don’t think I have fully mastered the recipe but it’s close enough!

Coco Loco Recipe


1 can of unsweetened coconut milk

1/2 cup of milk

1/4 cup dark rum (or to your taste)

1/4 cup light rum (or to your taste)

2 tblsp of sugar

Put all ingredients in the blender and enjoy!!

What Does a Beachbody Coach Do?

Hey everyone! So our team gets lots of questions about what a Beachbody Coach does. Instead of going on and on about what I do every single day in writing, I decided to make a video about it. My son wanted to make a debut. I apologize to anyone who finds that his cuteness gets in the way. I am a mom. I stay home with my two babies. Nap time doesn’t always go as planned but the show must go on! Please leave any questions you have below, find me on Facebook (Regina Spennacchio) or send me an email at