FisherPrice Bouncer

I want to share the things I have grown to love as a mom–whether it’s because it has kept my baby girl occupied while I take a shower or because I can see the excitement light up on her face when I show her something new.  The first lifesaver has been the FisherPrice Calming Vibrations Bouncer.  She doesn’t really like the bouncer that is part of the bouncer/swing combo (who knew babies could really tell the difference?).  She will sit and bounce and swat at the turtles and frog while I take my time in the shower or while I enjoy a dinner with my husband! Once she found her hands, it was exciting to watch her deliberately try to reach for the little cord that makes the music play.


3 thoughts on “FisherPrice Bouncer

  1. This is so funny because we have this same bouncer and we also had a swing/bouncer combo and Jake didn’t like it. He only liked the “real” bouncer. Who knew such tiny people could have such strong opinions? 😉 Anyway, I agree, this seat is a LIFESAVER. It saved my sanity on more than one occasion. Every mama should have one! Awesome job on the website, I’ll be back!

  2. Thanks Stacy! You hear so many women talking about how they have different activity stations in different rooms. I am pretty sure for baby #2, we will purchase another one so we won’t have to bring it to the bathroom, to the kitchen, to the computer room… I am glad you like the site. I need to add your blog to my roll bc I enjoy reading your humorous posts!

  3. We bought a fancy bouncer and Bailey sat in about 5 times. We then opted for the generic one and she loved it! We were also huge fans of gripe water so if you do a post on that I’ll input 🙂

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