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Land of Moms is back! A couple of weeks ago I decided my website needed a makeover. There was nothing really wrong with the old look (at least I didn’t think so!) but using a new theme allows me to have more versatility with the site. I don’t know much about coding and I am not a graphic designer so please have patience with me as I continue to make changes.

On the right side, you will see a subscribe button. Don’t be afraid.  I am not a spammer.  If you are interested in what I write about and you would like to receive email updates, then click the button.  Share with your mommy friends because once there are 100 subscribers, I will have a giveaway!


Enjoy your visit and thanks for sharing!

~Regina (Proud mommy of an 18 month old beautiful teething toddler who keeps me smiling, laughing, and sometimes on the brink of craziness!)

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