My First Crayola Crayons

My best friend recommended the perfect crayon for my daughter.  She has been coloring with them since she was about 10 months old.  My First Crayola Triangular Crayons are WASHABLE!  No more scrubbing, no more soaking, no more Magic Erasers.  Just a paper towel and a little water will do the trick.  Our daughter has been really good about drawing on her easel paper but every once in a while, she tries to explore where the crayon will write.  Tile, carpet, and the glass coffee tables have been a few of her canvasses.  She also likes to hide things now.  Actually, while shoving stuff (including the crayons) under the area rug, she says “sleepies”.  I am guessing she thinks the crayons will take a nap.  Anyway, crayons shoved under a rug tend to leave streaks on the floor.  Regardless, it is still quick clean up.

My First Crayola Crayons are triangular shape so they are easy to grip.  They are bigger than the typical crayon and the triangular shape keeps them from rolling off the table.  Apparently, the shape also promotes the correct writing grip but I am not a specialist in this area nor am I worried about how my daughter is currently holding any writing or drawing tool.  These crayons are more expensive than other Crayola Crayon products but I personally think it is worth the extra money.  I did enough scrubbing when she was an infant!

The box suggests 24+ months but I can’t imagine if I waited until my daughter was 2 until I put a crayon in her hand.  I know that some babies would just chew on it at 10 months but if you sit with your child and show her what to do with a crayon, she will soon copy you and make beautiful art.

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