My First Ever Biggest Loser Challenge

Hey everyone!  If you are ready to jumpstart your fitness journey, then you should join my Biggest Loser Challenge.  It begins on September 29th.  There will be prizes and giveaways for participation and transformations.

Here’s what you have to do:

FIND ME ON FACEBOOK and send me a friend request. {That’s where the group will be set up.}

-Start thinking about which Beachbody program you would like to follow.  Take a look HERE to see what is available.

Here’s what’s going to happen:

-You will be added to the Biggest Loser Challenge Group on FB with all of the other challengers.

-I will share EVERYTHING that has helped me reach my own fitness goals–from recipes, to my experiences with each of the workouts.  There will be daily motivation, tips, and advice.  {Did you know that people are more than 80% successful when they follow a program with a Team Beachbody Coach?!  Just sayin’}

-We will share our workouts every day.

-You can post your questions, ask for advice, get feedback from others who are doing the same program as you.

And then……

I will be giving away some really awesome prizes for participation and “best” transformations.

Be ready to start on September 29th with October 6th being the FINAL day to join this challenge.

Don’t forget to FIND ME ON FACEBOOK!  You can also send me an email:

Can’t wait to start!Biggest Loser





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