It’s Signing Time With Alex and Leah!

I knew I wanted our baby to learn some basic sign language.  I just didn’t know where to start.  After a little research, we purchased Signing Time Volume 1: My First Signs.  The jingles were catchy and our baby began to light up with excitement every time she heard Rachel Coleman’s voice.  Read about Rachel’s purpose behind Signing Time, online at Nick Jr.

At first, we weren’t sure if our baby was actually learning and then one day she just started signing along with Rachel, Alex, Leah, and the other children.  Some people worry about speech development but I have to say that learning the basic signs in this video has helped her with vocalizing the words.  At 14 months, she either says the word as she signs or sometimes she just says the word.  She rarely signs without saying what she sees or wants.  When it happens, I make sure I say the word and sign along with her.

I haven’t done extensive research on sign language and how it affects basic language development but our daughter loves to talk and her vocabulary is expanding daily.  She can say over 20 words.  Some are as clear and crisp as can be—like “turtle,” “soap,” and “baby”. Some still need work—like “yucky,” “thank you”, and “please”.  She loves to repeat what we say and it won’t be long before her babbling sentences come together and make sense to everyone around her.

I highly recommend Signing Time Volume 1: My First Signs.    Be sure to check out games, songs, and more on the Signing Time website.