How Do You Like Dem Apples?

As a new mom, I have acquired a lot of skills.  For instance, I have shaved time off of every task I complete.  I can run to Publix, Walmart and gas up the car before my husband even realizes that I have left him home with the baby.  Showering can be done so quickly that the mirror doesn’t even have a chance to fog up.  I thought I had good hearing before but even the slightest sigh from down the hall has me up just long enough to send sleepy thoughts to the baby and hope that she makes it until 7am!  But nothing compares to my newfound ability to complete almost every task one handed. And while I am proud that I can do the laundry, water the plants, make the bed, clean up toys, start a bath, and vacuum with a baby carefully balanced in my other arm, I still can’t cook or prepare meals like before.  And it seems like every time I try to make myself something to eat, the baby has had enough of whatever activity she was amused by just a moment ago.

So our cupboards are now stocked with go-to snacks, including SnackHealthy’s Real Fruit.  I have never been a huge fan of dried fruit until I tried the Fuji Apples.  Each soft slice is packed with a deliciously sweet flavor.  The apricots are silver dollars that will melt in your mouth. I didn’t know that they even made dried mango.  I love mango!  The pineapple doesn’t last very long with my husband around.  Probably because it’s like guilt-free candy.  When I haven’t had time to make that one handed trip to the grocery store, I know that there is something nutritious and delicious for me to snack and it was conveniently delivered right to my doorstep!

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