Pregnancy Day By Day

The Day-By-Day Pregnancy Book was recommended by my best friend back home.  I didn’t purchase it until I was well into my first trimester.  As soon as it came, I started at the beginning and read everything there was to know about what had already happened inside my body.  I LOVED this book.  When I think about my next baby, I get excited at the thought of going back and using it as a reference.
Reading helped to ease many of my pregnancy worries. I imagine that every mom-to-be has them. Why am I out of breath? Why is my heart beating so fast? Is cramping OK? The laundry list of “what if?” questions that ran through my head were answered in this book.
Every night, I looked forward to knowing what was going on with my baby and I would hold back the urge to look ahead. This book is an easy read and comes with detailed pictures too.  It kept me informed about when I would visit the doctor and what tests and screenings I could expect.
The Day-By-Day Pregnancy Book is the perfect gift for a mom-to-be and I highly recommend it for any woman who is expecting a baby–even if it’s not her first!