I promised I would show you before and after pics.  I keep my promises.  I finished my second round of Shaun T’s INSANITY!  My husband asked, “Why are you in a bikini bottom?”  I told him that I wanted to show my biggest trouble area.  And while it is still not perfect (currently working the Bum-Bum with Brazil Buttlift), I am happy with the overall results.

I feel great. I am stronger and leaner. Those dimples in my back (characteristic of too much fat), are almost gone. I lost inches, my body fat percentage dropped, and I can finally see definition in my abs. My body is completely different after having a baby. While I still need to get used to the changes, it is reassuring to know that I can kick butt and that I completed 60 days of one of the most challenging workouts on the market.

Here are some of my results:

Inches Lost- 3

Weight Lost- I did not lose weight. However, the first time around, I lost 10lbs.  The Feb ’10 pics are from Day 0 of INSANITY when my husband and I did the program together. Anyhow, I attribute the weight loss difference to weaning my daughter and not eating enough calories. I am not a doctor but I am sure that those two factors played a significant role.  My goal is to eat more through the day and that means making my own meals rather than finishing leftover grilled cheese and goldfish!

Body Fat Lost- 4%

Percent of Change in Body Fat- approx 8%

While the numbers may not seem that high, they are my numbers. I am happy with the results and with how I look and feel.

I hope that I have encouraged other moms to take the INSANITY Challenge. Please feel free to CONTACT ME if you have any questions or would like more information.

Best of luck to all the mommies out there who are working out. Whether it is because you want to lose the “baby weight”, build muscle, or just be healthy, keep up the good work!!


Before and After Pictures

Here are a few of my transformation pictures from when I did INSANITY in the Spring of 2010.  I am on week 4 of my second time around and I am feeling great.  I have lost inches from all my trouble spots–hips, waist, thighs, and arms.  I continue to remind myself that even if the scale doesn’t budge as much as I would like it to, my body is changing and the pictures prove it.


It’s important to take pictures from several different views.  Make sure you get shots from the front and back, the sides, and on an angle.  The pictures can show you changes that you miss when you look at yourself in the mirror every day.


Some of the most noticeable changes happened in my face and shoulders. I didn’t really think I had the makings of a double chin until I saw how my face had thinned out at the end of the 60 days.  I will post my new before and after pics when I am done with the second round of INSANITY in about 6 weeks.  Let me know if you would like to join me on my fitness journey.  I am already mapping out my next endeavor and would love to have other moms right there with me!

Interested in INSANITY?  You can contact me if you have any questions or get started today!


The INSANITY Challenge

A couple of weeks ago, I put on my bathing suit and took a quick glance at my backside in the mirror.  Whoa. What happened to my butt?  Why do I have these saddle bags?  Those were just a couple of the questions heard above the shrieking in my head.  I would blame it all on the baby but that’s not fair.  Yes, my body is different.  Yes, I have to work on my core more than ever before.  And yes, having a baby makes it difficult to get in a full workout on any given day.  That’s why I decided to take my before pics and record my first video for YouTube. If I create and share this post and the YouTube videos, then I will be more motivated to work out every day. No excuses.

Two years ago, I completed Shaun T’s INSANITY, before getting pregnant.  You can check out the brief review in an article I previously posted on Land of Moms.  This time is a little different–I want other moms to join me.

I am in the second week of working out and I feel great.  Of course I still wince a little at the thought of having to endure the warm up (it’s pretty intense) but I remind myself: You. Had. A. Baby.  My body has changed and I have to re-learn my limits.  I know what I want to look like and I want to be an inspiration for other moms.

So check out my YouTube Videos and join my INSANITY Challenge.  Imagine getting in the best shape of your life and loving the way you look. Yeah, it will feel good…real good.

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