I Think I Love FisherPrice

If you have read my article about the FisherPrice Calming Vibrations Bouncer then you won’t be surprised by my love for the FisherPrice Rainforest Jumperoo.  I put in so many hours of research when I made the baby registry.  I checked reviews, asked for opinions, and read books.  Looking back now it may seem a little silly but I have to say it was well worth it.  The FisherPrice Rainforest Jumperoo stood out the most to me because it had near perfect reviews when we placed it on the registry.

We were so eager to put our baby in it that I think we tried it out for the first time when she was 3 ½ months old (mind you she has always had a very strong neck).  She just sat in it though and looked around.  A couple of weeks later, we tried again.  This time she played with all of the animals on the front and would get a little startled every time the elephant made its noise.  She would look at us with wide eyes and we would tell her “That’s what elephants do!” and she would settle into touching each of the animals again.

At 6 months, she still can’t reach the floor completely so we use a blanket to “prop” her up.  She doesn’t mind.  This is by far, her favorite activity during the day.  She jumps, laughs, bounces, spins, plays with each of the three stations and even practices hand-eye coordination as she reaches for the hanging frog and bird.  Did I mention the little blue creature hanging off the side?  Yeah, she loves gnawing on it  between her bursts of energy!

This activity center is perfect for the 20 minutes I need to start dinner, fold some laundry, or just sit back and laugh at how much fun my daughter is having.  If you are debating which jumper to purchase or to place on your registry, I would take the time to do your own research too (check out reviews on Amazon) but definitely consider the FisherPrice Rainforest Jumperoo.