The Perfect “White Noise” Machine

Our daughter has always had a sound machine in her room.  We tried a number of white noise machines.  The HoMedics Soundspa Lullaby has three sounds (heartbeat, ocean, and rainforest) and three lullabies.  We used the ocean the most.  The projector distracted her while we changed her into pjs but it made a loud noise from the day it was removed from the package.  I read about this issue on reviews.

We also used our clock radio, a number of iPhone apps, and plain old static to try to drown out every day sounds in the house.  Both Grandmas swore that my husband and I slept through everything.  They told us stories about how they would vacuum or blare music in the house while we napped.  There was a short window of time when I moved about my house as a normal human being.  It lasted about two weeks.  Then we were in complete silence.  If you needed ice, you had to get it manually from the freezer.  Laundry was a day time chore (to be done in between naps).  I didn’t clean upstairs.  I didn’t go upstairs.  I cringed every time my knees cracked while walking down the hallway.

A while back, we had friends visit from out of town.  They spent a couple of nights at our place and we got on the topic of sound machines.  They showed us their new obsession.  It was the SleepMate Sound Machine.  They plugged it in and turned it on.  I felt like I was on an airplane.   Apparently, the sound is generated from a motor and fan blade.   I can’t explain how natural and clean it sounds.   You have to hear it for yourself!

I don’t claim that my daughter’s sleep got better from using the SleepMate Sound Machine.  In fact, if you have read my other posts, you know how well my daughter sleeps.  The SleepMate does block out sound from daily household activities.  I know that she can’t hear every ice chip, every door close, or every spoon drop to the floor, while she is in her room.

Does she NEED it?  I don’t know.  But I need it.  On the random night or afternoon I forget to turn it on, I sit and wonder what is “off” about the house.  Then I realize, it’s the sound machine!  Some will hesitate because of the price,  but I suggest putting this sound conditioner on your baby registry.  Don’t spend money on other machines that can’t do what this one can.  The SleepMate Sound Machine is worth every single penny.  The product is tried and true.  Check out the reviews on Amazon.  An extra bonus, it’s made in the USA!



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