Top 10 Toddler Apps


Endless ABC

It wasn’t until we went on a plane ride with our 1 year old that I asked around about toddler apps for our iPhones and iPads.  Our daughter was perfectly happy looking at pictures of herself and mastering the “swipe” but I was nervous–what if she didn’t nap on the plane?  What if her ears bothered her?  What if she just got bored?  So my friends pulled through with a couple of awesome suggestions and along the way, we have found some gems of our own.  Here are the 10 apps (in no particular order) that our 2 year old loves to use on the iPad:



Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally

Ants by Playtend

Pocket Frogs

Tap Tap Ants

ABC Mouse Zoo

Animal Zoo Match

Abby Monkey Bubble School

Endless ABC

Little Writer

Jigsaw Puzzles by Giggle Up

My personal faves from this list are Endless ABC and Little Writer.  We are always on the lookout for new ones so be sure to share your favorites too.

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