What Is Time Freedom?

Time FreedomI remember how hard my dad worked growing up. He literally burned out his own body from the physical labor he did every single day to provide for our family. He worked overtime and weekends. He gave everything he had to make sure we had everything we needed {and more}. And as I watched Dave playing with the kids this weekend at the beach, I began to tear up. We have it good. He is home at 6 every night and gets to spend some time with the kids. He is here every weekend to help with errands, hang out with the family, and do fun things like beach trips.

You can’t put a price on time freedom. The fact that I am home with the kids every day and that we can plan for BIGGER goals than that, is something I never thought possible. I thought we would follow in the footsteps of our parents. Work. Provide. Retire.

Here’s the truth. I don’t consider anything I do as a Beachbody Coach “WORK”–that’s the beauty of finding something you are passionate about. I PROVIDE for my babies and for our future in ways I never would have been able to do as a teacher in South Florida. And I did it while RETIRING more than 30 years before I was supposed to. 30 YEARS! THAT is time freedom.

To be able to do more as a family on our schedule…on our watch…that’s what we want.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. And we all have the opportunity to spend those hours exactly how we wish. We just have to be open to the opportunity that will make it happen. And so if you have a passion for health and fitness and for helping others while helping yourself, then being a Beachbody Coach IS that perfect opportunity.


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